Your Mother's Hands (entry 8)

The Fall of 1960

This was the beginning of my Junior year. I again over loaded myself with classes, but I did not miss any days of school.

We ordered our class rings the beginning of the school term and we got them before Christmas. Mine had a "mother of pearl" inset. Most of us girls ordered that one. I can't seem to locate mine. I must have put it someplace "special"...! (Dad had a beautiful class ring as well, and I can remember them both wearing theirs for years along with wedding rings. I personally think that a family member suffering from a drug problem in the 70's stole them from the house. This was when class rings were real gold, heavy and substantial.)

Our other class HIGHLIGHT was decorating for our Junior/Senior Prom. We chose an Oriental theme, and we met after school and on week-ends to make cherry blossoms that we twisted on branches of trees that we brought in Your Dad built the RICKSHAW in shop class. We girls ordered decorations: paper lanterns, "drink" umbrellas and "Memory books". We had lots of house parties that years, danced to records, watched American Bandstand and would meet at the Arrow Café afterwards.

As a class, we all practically lived together this year and Mr. and Mrs. Williams bought us cases and cases of Cokes. We shared on bringing the snacks.

(Mom especially felt so close to her classmates all of her life, as I feel so fortunate to have had a very similar experience. I'm closer to my high school mates than college "acquaintances" and think of them as family. "Brothers and Sisters". I'm sad that I believe that we have lost that experience and am grateful for mine.)

Finally PROM night came , and I got a new short "formal" with rose buds and rhinestones on the "cumberbun". I invited Gene Kieffner and he took me in his green and white retractable hard top convertible! He got me red roses for my corsage. He was a good dancer, and we had a good time. Post prom was at the Washington Drive-In. We went to that, too.

Summer if '60

Uncle Nelson took "his girls" out to Hutchinson, Kansas to visit Bernie and Marvel, Mark and Dale. On the way out, Nelson let ME DRIVE on the long stretches of roads in Kansas. What fields on both sides. I had never seen so much wheat in my life...……"amber waves of grain"....I was so proud that he trusted ME to drive! My HANDS on the steering wheel of that big 1959 Oldsmobile. Oh what a MEMORY. Nelson sat next to me, just smiling. I was happy with my long pony tail flying in the wind, and Twala Jean in the back PISSED because HER Dad was letting ME drive!!!!

While at Bernie's, he took a day off work and we all went to Dodge City, a tourist attraction. It was hot. The boys were ACTIVE. I had missed them so.

On our way back home, we stopped at Branson Missouri and Silver Dollar City, when it was all so VERY new and small. I bought Mom a beautiful new egg basket and a woven purse for myself. We went to the "Little Church in the Wildwood" and "Shepherd of the Hills". Eldena bought the book for us girls to read. We also visited Marvel Cave. I had been in small caves before, like at Spring Mill, but never one as HUGE as this one! We walked down, down down and it got cooler and more exciting every step of the way. I LOVED it! Finally we got into the large caverns, stalagtites and stalagmites in REAL LIFE and light focused on them. Then they turned the lights out. TOTAL DARKNESS. I whispered "Bizer Man" to Twala Jean, and she was scared, but me being 3 years older, KNEW there was NO BIZER. !

The cave was one of the neatest natural wonders I had ever seen, and sparked my continued interest in caves for the rest of my life...…...reading information that I could find and CAVE STORIES. My hands ran over the "polished areas", taking it all in.

I bought post cards and Nelson again bought slides for us to enjoy later. I loved it when he gave slide shows. (Look up Marvel Cave in the Ozarks). Over night, this time, we stayed in little cabins in place of a hotel, and Twals Jean and I had our own, and a "path" to the OUTHOUSE. We got to keep the big flashlight and I had to "promise" not the mention "THE BIZER MAN"....

We stopped at a little grocery in the Ozark Mountains, got gas, lunch meat and a loaf of bread. The lady knew we were on vacation and brought us chocolate layer cake and a plate of sliced tomatoes. She even let us "dip" into HER jar of Miracle Whip for our sandwiches.! This was yet another wonderful time of my life, full of memories that I have carried always. I still have the pictures.

My Junior year was very busy. Mr. Hamilton formed a PEP BAND to play at the Pep Sessions. We had all sorts of current music, not just MARCHES. We had such a great time. Later, he formed a DANCE BAND, and we named it the "Starlighters". We played at several dances and Proms. We were really good and played wonderful dance music. It seemed like my dancing days were over, but played music instead. I still was wishing I could play the saxophone, but my niche was being the drummer.

I did not have my driver's license yet but a couple of times I drove the farm pick-up to practice when my Dad could not take me. I don not remember exactly WHY, but I do remember driving the truck, and picking up Jimmy Hembree.

I think "farm money" was tight again about this time. I took Typing this year, and I wanted a portable typewriter so much. Dad picked out a "fattening pig" to take to market, and it sold for $90 and my typewriter, from a store in Washington cost $99. I came up with the $9 extra. It was a gray ROYAL, with a carrying case. What a prized possession. (I typed my "theme" paper for Albert New in '82 on this same typewriter).

I had 3 little jobs aside form my "farm chores". I took inventory at Walker's Rexall Drug Store between Christmas and New years. 75 cents an hour. I typed, on a manual typewriter, address labels for mailing advertisements for Home Outfitter's for 90 cents an hour, after school and on some Saturdays. I was a car hop at the Dairy Queen for one summer on varied nights and Sunday afternoons. This paid 50 cents/hr plus TIPS..! This pretty much took care of my "dating time" as I was into making money. I had opened a checking account.

This is the year I became a Charter Member of the Rainbow Girls in Loogootee. Rainbow Girls is the Young Girls organization of Masonic Branch, Eastern Star Order. Girls 11-20 years old. It stresses building character and provides the girls with a sense of community and benefitting humanity on the whole. Girls who are members are active participants in community service and follow high ethical standards. As with Masonic Order, Rainbow for Girls has its own special symbolism and colors that have a distinct meaning. These symbols are an insignia that is in the jewelry that we wore to our meetings. Each color of the RAINBOW represents a certain aspect of what we were to learn in the form of lessons. Each color was a STATION, a total of SEVEN. The number 7 is associated with Spirituality in Numerology.

This is beginning to open a NEW WAY of thinking for me, as I studied more deeply.

Rainbow Colors and their Meanings

Red: The color red represents Love and the Heart. Red is what binds a Rainbow Girl to family, friends and home life. She is to possess the quality to create harmony throughout the environment and people she is with. As with CHAKRA, meaning of red, this is the color that provides stability for a RAINBOW GIRL in her home.

Orange: The color orange represents Religious Belief. This is a central requirement in belief in ONE GOD but she can have no "specific" religious affiliation, but active in all faiths.

Yellow: The color of Nature. The warmth shines on the shoulder of the RAINBOW GIRL. She is in tune with Nature, respects resources and knows the world around her. She is an animal lover and can easily identify trees and flowers.

Green: The color of Immortality, associated with the soul of a person. The body dies, the soul and consciousness live on in the spiritual plane of existence.

Blue: the color of Fidelity. RAINBOW GIRLS are faithful to her ORDER. her family, her nation and to HERSELF.

Indigo: The color of Patriotism. This color appears in our American Flag, forms the background for our Stars. A RAINBOW GIRL respects American ideals, laws of our nation and is a good citizen.

Violet: The color of Service. Service of family, friends and community.

Over 50 years have passed and I still remember most of the meanings of the COLORS.

I was the color Yellow, representing Nature. My perfect COLOR. My ideal representation of a STATION. I was only in RAINBOW GIRLS for 2 1/2 years. I only represented the one station. I borrowed the yellow dress from Trudy Myers. I WAS nature totally in spirit! The ribbons "tied from the alter" to our stations in an arc, crating a RAINBOW. We stood and affirmed our station in each opening ceremony.

For regular meetings we wore colored blouses or sweaters according to the Seasons and our Stations. I had several YELLOW "tops".

(My Mom attended church, and as her younger years formed her "need" for formality and procedure, She was a very spiritual being and welcomed and studied all religions and thought. On my 17th birthday, Mom took me for a "belly dance" at an Indian restaurant on the north side of town, and a visit to a numerologist. Joni Hansen. Joni and I have been friends now for 40 years and I love the "scientific" approach of the numbers. I spoke with her recently and informed her that I had moved "home", and she said, "what is the address"? And, I said without truly thinking her motive replied that it was the house in Waverly. She said, "NO, the numbered address." She said 9340, as it simplifies to a 7, [ 9+3+4+0=16 and 1+6=7 ] , that I am here for a reason. The number 7 denotes the hermit. The WRITER and generally by the running water of LIFE. That's the nicest thing I've ever heard White River called:)...She said that the house downtown is a 9, and it references being social. Accepting all ways of life and thought. I have often returned to this house, and believe that it is a part of my ongoing journey, and feel comfort and peace from it's inward reflection. Mom believed in God, in spirit and the ongoing soul. She also believed in alien higher intelligence, which made her often struggle with the idea of HER GOD. She was not afraid to die, as knew her soul would continue and simply be a part of her growth and journey, This gives me peace.)