The independent contractor.


I realize that reading is passe' Everything is in snippets and we have snap chatted, Facebooked, and Zoomed ourselves into a world of cake covered babies and dogs wearing hats. I can spend hours writing something thought provoking and receive much more response from my inbred 5 toed cat taking a dump in a flower pot. I get it. It's funny and quick, but we have become lazy and no longer think. ( This normally would be the point in which I spend hours in techno hell trying to find the right picture of a pony playing tuba while crocheting a pair of socks......but will forgo to spend more time stimulating the left side of your brain.) I get overwhelmed with things to say and reasons WHY, and often spend too many hours sweating over desk top publishing photos and GIFS just to keep our simple minds entertained. We should be better and more sophisticated than that, and at least for the moment am bypassing the decoration for a more cerebral group.

As I too am a very 51% right brain/creative thinker, I am balanced by a 49% pragmatic side that understands bottom line and money. My dominant side craves movement, self employment, freedom and aesthetics. My evil twin sits for hours with a spreadsheet. This is where I smack myself with one hand, and twist my hair with the other and mouth "I'm pretty" in the rear view mirror.

So here's the deal. My time is money. Self employment is a choice, but an artistic, expensive and necessary service to those without the guts, the time or ability to follow through. PERIOD. Not just me, but all those that provide goods and services outside of the traditional confines of corporate America. The results will be more personalized so the cost should be more, but frequently if not always is less. Lest we forget that a doctor will have a lawn service not only because he can afford it, but needs it too save his hands. It is a necessity. It's his bread and butter and needs to throw a little meat on the biscuit for those supporting his gift.

If you want to do the math, self employment costs double. You pay 2x the taxes, 2x the social security, insure yourself with no before tax exemptions and incur all costs of labor, tools and materials. To live at an annual income of 100K, one would have to gross 200k to break even. Even if you wanted to just cover the essentials of 50k/yearly you would have to start with $2000 a week,, which for layman terms is $50/hr over 40 hours consistently without fail. That's 100k gross a year for those that sucked at algebra. THAT'S IF YOU WORK EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL CONSISTENTLY WITH NO VACATIONS, IILLNESSES, BROKEN BONES, FAILED EQUIPMENT OR JERKS SCREWING WITH YOUR TIME.

Independents come in all shapes and sizes. Realtors, Landscapers, Servers, Plumbers, Mechanics. Strippers, Child/senior care givers. Window washers. Tutors. Coaches...… name a few. Remember they are elevating your game. Providing time, expertise and services that you net more by paying others to do something that you could, or even more importantly something that you can't.

Treat them with respect and consider how your bottom line compares to their's. and not just what you spend, but what you gain.