Yabba Dabba-"DO".

I was watching the news, which for me is disturbing in itself as it doesn't seem that long ago that I would choose Flintstone reruns on channel 4 over Walter Cronkite on one of the other 3 networks any day.

What caught my eye was still a flash from the past. It didn't include an animal skinned, tie clad man using a tamed dinosaur to play catch, but it was just as educational.


I truly thought I had hit the DVR so hard that I had tapped into a flashback to the 70's but a quick re-set and a Russian woman doing calisthentics in black and white was more likely a commercial break from a $19 Time Life compilation of Jack Lallane, or at the very least a key witness in the impeachment hearings. I'm sure the Democrats would thank her for her service, followed by the Republicans calling her fat.

It was a local news special assignment report on, what I can only call tragically hip recycling. Not the pragmatic separate your banana peels from your plastic kind, but a more hippie throwback to multiple use hysteria. Wine bottles sliced in two with the latest K-tel version device to make juice glasses. A shirt and tie made into a remembrance pillow. Too tight hipster jeans opened at the knee replaced with old curtains and bottomed with layers and layers of lace, trim and fuzzy balls to take any short 3rd grader into fashionista tall geeky junior high school diva. I could only imagine I had enough rocks in my driveway to give pets to every child in America.

Joanna Gaines is busy lacing a roll of hemp into a magnificent hanging macramé loveseat for her new line of farmhouse chic décor. Fact is, if you live long enough, Ron Popeil will once again rear his black lacquered head with a brand new line of all natural, herb based , non-aerosol spray paints for the follically challenged.

This gave me hope. Everything old is new again. That alone just opens up a multitude of possibilities. As a 20 year old is wiz kid novice, a 50 something is a honed and seasoned master in the very same arena. History repeats itself, it's just that the excitement, desire and energy to keep putting yourself out there wanes. How do we view ourselves and each other and WHY is that important?


A 19 year old sitting down to crochet a sweater is viewed as a noveau artisan, while a sixty year old that learned the same gift from their Mother at age 4 is just a Grandma.

The difference is not just the age, but the difference in how we perpetuate the act. Keep it fresh. Keep it new. Enjoy the ever changing process and possibilities. How about taking a basic sweater and incorporating fine copper wire on a pocket and adding vintage jewelry? Use twine in a middle section and hand paint a socially conscious message. Add buttons for removable sleeves or just decoration? If you are the first with the idea...…..you are still relevant.

Maybe the key is marketing the item in the proper arena, on the age appropriate model, photographed with the right accessories. Add to your experience. Grow with the process. Derive the ride, but turn the corner in a new direction. Of course I'm not telling everyone to go out and buy a set of knitting needles, but rehone your masterful ability to be the front runner. You can either view it as ten years behind, or five years ahead. Hitting the bullseye is just a matter of persistence and perception.


We lose our youth in numbers, but add layers and layers of experience and the history which is our friend. I thoroughly promote the idea of being a teacher, a mentor, a guide to a new generation. but that doesn't mean giving up on yourself. Your dreams are yours and deserve to be fed, nurtured and realized. Just because the window of opportunity didn't open to your 30 year old self doesn't mean at 50 you can't kick the door in.. If all of the great things happen in the first 1/3 of your life, there's nothing to look forward to.

Some people are old before their time , and others...……….well, Va Va Voom!

You can be a Granny, or a GRRRR-animal. I jokingly say that i often question my decision for putting a large mirror across from the tub, 'cause everyday I open the shower I never know who I am going to find. Somedays more Brad Pitt on the big screen and others Nick Nolte in a mug shot. Most days is a disturbing cross between Col. Sanders and Carol Channing. A lot of big hair, teeth and chicken legs.I don't give up though, as youth is in the mind. A young attitude with a viable "go get'um" kick in your step softens all the edges and the wrinkles become a flowchart of all the uniques qualities that make me who I am and why no one can do exactly what I do and how I can do it. The choice is yours.

I found myself surfing the boob tube today and landed on JTV. "Jewelry TV". Not because I secretly enjoy a little costume earring in my life to go with my coffee in the morning, but was interested in that it was Paula Dean jewelry. What was she doing now? How did she get axed from the larger more notable QVC and land on the B-circuit and how has she managed to again re-invent herself? Well, I'm sure a few choice comments on her part had something to do with that, but nonetheless, I was still intrigued.

As I believe the universe has a reason and a plan for us all, I did receive a message that was worth the southern belles syrupy take on faux pearls and a $29 introduction to salvation with a rhodium over brass cross purchase. Those Georgia girls do have a way with turning Jesus into a four syllable anthem. Fact is I do find her story interesting and inspiring. She did not find any notable success until the age of 54. It seems as though she has been in our lives forever, as that is part of the charm and commercial pocket. What she said at one point though was worth the price of admission and why I was guided to click the remote. She said what we have all been told...…."I just kept showing up". 99% of succeeding is just being there. Keep at it. Be engaged. Believe in the process and enjoy the road. Sometimes we have to shoot for the stars to land on the moon, but I'll share an Apollo seat with a few dreamers any day.

You have a choice, and for me failure is not an option. I have my days. Lord knows I've had my decades, but I show up. Most of the time with two coats of bronzer, one coat of sealer and teeth bleached till I can find my way through the dark days, but I'm worth it.

I believe in helping others. Share information as a tool and not a weapon. My Grandmother would say that she would give her best ideas to me, to make new ones for her. That's perpetuating two souls. To help others is to first help ourselves. "You is kind. You is special. You is important". You can't have an American slice of the pie unless you first bake it. It's up to you which you choose...…….a big old sweet piece of cherry or a huge pile of poop.