Grandma knows best.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven" Ecclesiastes.

Such poignancy. Succinct beauty. Perfection in the written word.


I started with this a couple of weeks ago and stopped. How do you play second fiddle to such a powerful thought? It brought me to tears. I'm not a terribly religious person, but I found myself in gratitude on my knees at a level of humility that comes unexpectedly in one's lifetime. I just left it alone as I was mentally, morally and physically exhausted after what my Grandmother would call a profound "come to Jesus Moment". The fact is what brought me back to this thought is not what I originally had intended. My thoughts were lighter and of effort and timing. When preparation meets opportunity. It is suppose to mean something, but we live in a shocking world. Everything is of the moment. Current. Popular. If I can't "shock" you, then I must for all intense purposes be irrelevant. Isn't that what we fear the most............ being invisible?

I fear not being seen. Not for beauty, as we all are fading. Not for the popular vote, as that is relative. And not for money, as it would be nice, but doesn't equate happiness. It's more for my voice. I fear with social media and complete Kardashian accessibility, that everyone is talking and no one is listening. I guess that is pretty hypocritical considering I'm driving for an audience at this very second.. .But what I fear more is that I might have to put a video of my 53 year old skinny broken down naked ass riding the neighbors llama on-line to get a 6 figure hit on my facebook page in order to sell my second cousin's 3 fingered OCD child's tongue-painted coffee mug on E-bay just to pay for his peanut allergen- free tube fed rescue dog's hip replacement. WE HAVE LOST OUR MINDS.

I've always had a differing view of religion. It would take quite a book to give an entire explanation of my thoughts as it took a number of years of my 20's to read values, thoughts, and dogma of many cultures to develop my own perception. The convoluted road map that has been conceived from millennia of writings, culture, politics, greed, re-interpretation, misinformation, faith and fear can only be prostituted into a simple man's cross referenced nightmare. But, it's mine and I stand by it.

I grew up like most in the mid-west, basic middle America Christian. Paternal side, sedate Methodist. Maternal side, Lutheran. Both complete with good ole church basements that served for kids Sunday school and social dinners to include home made noodles mashed potatoes and rolls for weddings, funerals and fellowship. of course, flanked by well maintained grave yards for all faithful families. Just like George Carlin, I don't get the acres and acres of wasted ground on decomposing bodies and expensive head stones. The space would be better used for the homeless and playgrounds. That goes for golf courses too! Atleast in my own personal head space .................they're not there. They are in my heart. Don't make me feel guilty about not putting bad plastic dime store flowers that fade on a piece of rock to show the rest of the world that I cared about you. If I cared about you in life is what matters. I also spend a lot more money sending flowers to friends that are alive and purposely tell them, "you're getting them now" so don't expect them when you're dead. I believe in donating to causes and educational funds for children and grandchildren. Makes sense to me. My favorite representation of love after death was my cousin's small son at the time that put a band-aid on my Grandma's head stone. He wanted to take her pain. Make her better. I loved that. He loved Her. She loved him, and still does from the other side.

I believe in Kharma and repeating existences in order to reach a level of perfection. This is how one becomes an angel, to guide from another level or to re-visit our earthly existence for a heavenly cause. I also believe in other life forms. Wether you call them aliens, angels, supreme intelligence, but to discount any or all of these thoughts, to me is naive. I choose not to say ignorant, as we all have a path and "to every thing there is a season". It may not be the precise moment, in this precise time, for one to have this precise thought. Everything in time. In my time it is to give cause to the thought of others. I will respect their journey and what it has to teach them in this moment. If they choose to judge me, this is the point in which their arrogance in turn becomes what I see as ignorance. Yes Kharma can be a bitch.

I was never a child. I understood things. My grandparents spoke to me as an adult and my Grandma Ellis in particular never held back. What a soul What a force of nature. I hope with all of my being that SHE can feel the beating of my heart as I speak of her. I truly believe that She chose to come back to this plane of existence to care for our family. Our love for Her is truly profound. (I've had to stop for a few minutes as my tears were as strong as the day She died and present at the moment of her crossing.) I truly was devoted to all of my Grandparents, but She was an angel on earth. There is not a day goes by that I don't think of Her, and sometimes with dumplins', cobbler , sweet tea and late nights with Johnny Carson.

I remember very clearly an Easter in the 60's going to church with my "Ellis" side at Truelove Methodist church. Truelove was a family name in the small community, but it says it all. My Grandma and her sisters the Jone's Girls, would sweetly sing in a layered harmony that emitted a connection that only angel souls on a mission to this physical plain could produce. My aunt Patty played the piano, Grandpa lead the deacons, Mom and Dad protected me between, Betsy, my slightly older "sister-aunt" that gave me hope,and the Hip new minister that looked like Chad Everett gave the sermon. At the end, we all went to Sunday school. Kids downstairs as Grandma would lead the socially changed teen-agers with me at her side. Later She would join the adults upstairs for Bible study in church. Men on one side and women on the other. Very old school. As the nouveau-hip " Medical Center" preacher with the wife in go-go boots, would deliver the lesson to the small town folk with me picking through Grandma's pocketbook that smelled like Wrigley's doublemint. he spoke of the resurrection. It bothered me in some way. I became an agitated , restless old soul 3 year old , and he asked me what was wrong? Hesitantly I spoke up and said, "I understand, but Grandma would die for me." She held me close and said, "Yes I would". Love. Love. Love." I didn't see what made it so special. Altruism is altruism Love is Love. Would you not die for your child. I understand also the sacrificing of a child that does not fully understand "His pain and sacrifice for others. (read the Lost Teachings of Christ) My point is, that there are many different views. There are many different cultures and religions. Be open to the idea that your's is not the only one, or the first..................or last. I say this in no disrespect for Christianity, as it defines me, but is was my first inkling to a flaw "in the system". In the bigger picture of higher intelligence, it kind of makes God, middle management, but He is certainly still my HR department.

We are given a limited source of information. Spoon fed at times. This can be the same for politics and the immense brevity of our universes and infinite galaxies that flank it. Doesn't that make you feel small? Doesn't that make you believe that maybe your thoughts and judgement at times can be trite.? There is a bigger picture, and we are truly living in a time of information. It's not that the info wasn't already there, but the exposure and speed has been increased at a level that is faster than most brains can assimilate.

The same can be said for politics. Don't get me stupid. Just because the Ford blew a tire doesn't mean you sell the house and buy stock in Edsel. We all know how that ended. Our political system is something we can't win. It's a machine that is working on computer chips and we are still thinking in bright switches on the floorboard. The best we can do is be fooled into thinking that 85 grade flex fuel is a better bargain than 93 Ethyl. Lucy knows that if you give Ethyl 50 more cents she will run faster longer and Fred will turn the heat up because you've paid more. You can't beat the system if you don't out smart the status quo. Are you smarter? Then don't be dumber. if you aren't big-assed Kim on-line, then understand your place with respect to your "ASS-etts" , BUTT understand your weaknesses. In a world of billions, we can't all be social media stars, no matter what a brave "face" you put out there, but we can care for each other. We can give cause with our thoughts, and effects with our effort.

We are of one mind. One cause. Give of yourself through your ability to give others a chance and a voice.

There is a time for you , if you give time to others.

"To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."

What goes around, comes around. Kind of the same thing.........................don't you think?