Meet Dave: The man behind The WHY

We overthink things.  My Grandmother used to say, "Toss a coin.  Don't go with heads or tails, but with your gut reaction to the outcome".  We live in a time when you can google how to do anything, but we ignore the common sense, bottom-line reasons WHY?.........Our flowchart lives with all of the complicated directionary alternatives, derivatives, speedbumps and unexpected detours along the way have clouded our thinking.  The fastest way from point A to B is a straight line, but with the kids grabbing from your left, the bank tugging from your wallet, your job taking from your time, your parents calling from the south and  Fido barking at the back door, our daily route is often just a tornadic circle leaving us  praying that the dust settles from another day and the house is still there.

I've been called an old soul. A smart guy. The go-to guy. I've learned to accept my heart.  To listen to that little voice.  To go with my gut instincts. To accept what is, and to change as much for the better with the least destruction in my path and for others.  It's a journey and something to learn and add to my toolbox of skills everyday.

It's my hope that sharing my garanimals for adult reading approach of our basic make up of  head, heart and hands, highlights what we share in common as being the first step in helping us to understand, repair and heal that which separates us.

Wether we come from the north traveling south, left going right, liberal becoming conservative,,or young growing old, we all pass some common break even point in the middle.  The factors that connect us are far greater than those that break us.

To do great things you have to do.  It takes your HANDS to chop wood, haul water.  The directions of HOW are in the four sided box that we all place ourselves in, but  what makes us tick is our heart, and here is where you find the WHY?..............